experience at the Big Blue

Live an experience in the Big Blue

Madagascar is a beautiful country. Its many facets makes it an ideal island for an unforgettable holiday. Among the many dream destinations, Nosy Be is one of the must-haves. In order to make the most of the stay on this piece of land, The Big Blue is without a doubt the best hotel that meets all your expectations. Aside from comfort and impeccable service, it also offers several activities to fill your days. Then experience it !

Diving in the heart of the island of perfumes

Le temps d’une journée, an experienced guide takes you to enjoy the wonders of Nosy-Be. You have the opportunity to enjoy a unique landscape by visiting the crater of the Volcano Atsoa. This gives you the opportunity to tour Nosy Sakatia through Befotaka Bay to the Andilana peninsula. You will be able to admire nature in its most authentic form, as there are not so many in the world.

A cultural bath

On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to interact with the local population in an unusual way. Apart from a visit to the nearby village, there will also be the morning at school. Under the close supervision of the teacher, spend a day with the children in the small class. Your visit will not only be a discovery, but also an opportunity to help out in terms of material for these toddlers. Among other things, it may be school supplies such as pencils, ballpoint pens or notebooks. That's right, Responsible tourism !

Unusual activities

Unlike the activities offered in the usual hotels, The Big Blue offers an unforgettable experience. Bring back a piece of the country on your way home. For this, learn about the region's specialties. For example, introduce yourself to Malagasy hairdressing techniques, including braiding. This will be a way for you to bring style to your hairstyle while learning the customs and customs that express the culture of the country.. In addition, it's a way of defining the origin, the age and social class of a person given to Nosy Be. It should be noted that previously, family members distinguished themselves by the shape of their braids. smashing, no ?

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