You will discover this authentic island aboard the PRIVATIZED BOAT OF CAPTAIN NEMO: this is not invented! This is ONE OF THE EXCLUSIVES OF THE BIG BLUE!

Very close to the Big Blue, 15 minutes, Nosy-Sakatia, called the island of orchids, is a small quiet island. Its tourist attraction lies in its white sand beaches and extraordinary dive sites. Departure at 8:30 am after the briefing, every day, the famous Captain Nemo will take you to Nosy-Sakatia for a beautiful day, swimming on the beach of Robinson Crusoe that you also see from the Big Blue, diving "fins, mask and snorkel" with the big green turtles, more than 1 meter wingspan, which come very many to appreciate the algae by only 2 meters deep. Unforgettable moments guaranteed by Captain Nemo. Then, our Barbecue will be served on the sandy beach (water included) "also an Exclusivity of the Big Blue", in the shade of coconut trees, before relaxing.

NOSY-KOMBA "Lemur Island" and NOSY-TANIKELY (Marine National Park)

2 islands in 1 day! Departure at 8:00 am after the briefing, every day your boat will take you to the island which is home to many varieties of lemurs, considered sacred and insular. Nosy-Komba is a conical ridge culminating at 622 m, covered with an almost primary and lush forest that protects different fauna and flora very rich and varied. You will be able to discover, accompanied by the local guide, the private lemur park located 15 minutes walk from the main village of Ampangorina, picturesque village, with its local craft stalls.

You will take the boat to discover the island of Nosy-Tanikely. The island is a protected site, which became a marine national park in 2010: a real living aquarium, it is a must! The fish are only 15 m from the beach... where you will have lunch under the coconut trees. Fins, mask and snorkel are highly recommended and provided by the Big Blue.


This nature reserve is the natural habitat of Eulemur macaco, endemic lemur of Lokobé. In this primary forest, lemurs play a very important part in the dissemination of seeds, thus promoting the natural regeneration of the forest. 17 birds have been inventoried, including the Malagasy kingfisher, Ipsidina madagascariensis, which is a strictly forest species, and the Madagascar owl, Asio madagascariensis, which are the most remarkable species.

Departure at 8:00 am after the briefing, to meet our guide who will make you discover the endemic fauna and flora of Nosy-Be. Lunch on the beach before finding your outrigger canoe ... A certain French poet (Alain Souchou) sings: "Float me, float me... Elsewhere it's like here... Rowing and rowing, rowing... We're not moving forward with anything dan'scanoé!... Up there! Let's take a bato! We're making no progress in s'ca... Noah... Paguê... Paddle! »


Nicknamed also << Turtle Island >>, for its many sea turtles that come to lay their eggs during the night. A mesmerizing place, Nosy-Iranja is formed by two small islands: "Iranja-Be" and "Iranja-Kely", both connected by a train of pristine sandbank outcropping at low tide. Its appeal lies in the beauty of the place. The beach with transparent and crystal clear waters, the small picturesque fishing village, the former lighthouse of Gustave Eiffel, beautiful panoramas make Nosy-Iranja a very popular tourist site.

A real postcard. Departure of the Big Blue at 8am, after the briefing, to join the boat that takes you to the island of Nosy-Iranja for a day of walking and swimming. Malagasy meal prepared in the village, water included. During your trip, you may have the chance to spot dolphins or whales? Don't forget sunscreen and cap.


It is the ideal solution to discover Nosy-Be and its population, its geography, its history, its culture ... Departure from the Big Blue at your convenience between 8am and 9am, to discover the island of Nosy-Be and its capital: Hell Ville with the frenetic pace of its population, its shops and its large spice market that make the particularity of the local cuisine without forgetting the vestiges and history left by the colonial era.

Après avoir visité Lémuria Land et sa distillerie d’Ylang-Ylang, également l’Arbre Sacré si vous le souhaitez; vous vous restaurerez sur un site remarquable, en toute quiétude à l’ombre des grands arbres, face à la mer. L’excursion se termine par la visite du Mont Passot avec une vue à 360° de tout Nosy Be.



PACKAGE 3 EXCURSIONS POUR 2 ADULTES : 329.00 € Pour 1 enfant (- de 12 ans) : 154.00 €

PACKAGE 4 EXCURSIONS POUR 2 ADULTES : 429.00 € Pour 1 enfant (- de 12 ans) : 194.00 €

Pour 1 adulte seul : Package 3 excursions = 239 €

For 1 single adult: Package 4 excursions = 314 €

The excursions are presented to you on arrival, during a briefing. You can book your excursions in advance. It is also possible in order to bring here fewer species.

Includes in the price: RETURN TAXI TRANSFER , Fins, Mask and Snorkel, Lunch, 1 large bottle of water for 2 people, entrances to Nosy Komba Parks, Nosy Tanikely, also the exit "snorkling with turtles" in Nosy Sakatia; Also fins, mask and snorkel.

(*) Does not include: soda, alcohol, entrance fees to Lémurland, the Sacred Tree, the Waterfall.

Price of individual excursions: ask us for the price at: