Learning Malagasy traditional braiding

Directed by the specialist in Andilana hairstyle

The Malagasy braiding specialist will make you share his passion and introduce you to the Malagasy traditional braid in you showing how to braid on the top of the skull and adding strands of hair to each new node.

The braiding techniques to stylize the hair or add character with free lengths in a beautiful stylish hair that gives off the face.

In the ancient Malagasy customs, It was reserved as many men and women. In some as in other, the arrangement of hair presented an astonishing range of varieties and each put his pride in their artistic presentation. More than just an aesthetic thing, How to wove a person allowed to define its origin, his age and even social class.

Did you know they used and even until today in some parts of Madagascar, all women of the same family were all topped with the same way : in "difisesy" or "randra madinika '... Little girls wear "lambomiditra"., adolescent girls and women 'ivoho tana' and widows are required to wear the "bango tokana..

Today, stars are hair so regularly, in the city as on red carpet, and we want to do the same. The top to give a little on the side of Bohemia, Street or rock according to its look. Why not you ?

Price per participant Conditions
25€ minimum 2 people
maximum 6 people
Courses 9 H to 10 H, the hairstyle is available after the course, from 10 H to 11 H

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