new leisure to the big blue

A new hobby to the big blue

To celebrate Madagascar in its representation to the African Cup 2019, the big blue recently opened a new service for customers in its salons : a giant screen for fans of sports events.

Madagascar is qualified for the CAN 2019. Top qualifiers, the Barea in Madagascar will be able to play for the first time in their history a d Cup finals ’ Africa. This is the first time that big blue support 100%. Come on Madagascar ! We are with you the entire team : Dabo, Metanire, Rafik, Razakanantenaina and all the players...

Thus, now when major sports competitions, guests can indulge in their sport or event very important. With our 2 pizzaiolos and the famous THB, you will be as... Princes and Princesses in the salons of the big blue !

The big blue is already "trimmed" to celebrate the next Olympics 2020 or the next football World Cup 2022.

And when there is no competition, the black rectangle of television is adorned with a beautiful dress : an artistic painting, directed by the greatest painter and artist of Madagascar to the big blue : Mr Bénito is thanked in.

Mr Bénito has imagined the sails of the boats of Nosy Be for big blue.

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