luxury hotel in Nosy Be

Stay in a luxury hotel in Nosy Be

Guerlain, Channel, these words immediately make the definition of luxury breathe. There is, however, another aspect that could be considered, Bora Bora, Maldives or even, Vanilla Islands. Among these dream destinations, there is always the one that stands out and we can cite with Madagascar. In this context, stay in a luxury hotel on the paradise island of Nosy Be.

Meet Nosy Be

Nosy Be is an island in the northwest of Madagascar. It is surrounded by the typical Mozambique Canal. Nosy Be is a popular destination for tourists. Like the Big Island, Nosy Be has remarkable flora and fauna. It is even ranked among the most touristic sites on the island of Madagascar. Nosy Be has a mild climate, sunny all year round. With this, it is bordered by a coastline of fine white sands that is surrounded by a turquoise sea. The island is at first sight, stunning with its beautiful hilly landscape. In this green setting inhabits several kinds of endemic animals and especially, Madagascar lemurs. There are several families on the island elsewhere. Lemurs are not the only wildlife attractions on Nosy Be Island, however.. The underwater landscape of the island is an exceptional beauty. The seabed enchants by the diversity of its algae as by its inhabitants including sea turtles, dolphins and certain types of whales.

What to do at Nosy Be

Nosy Be is welcoming in nature. The inhabitants of the island will receive you with a big smile that marks their culture. Charming destination, there is enough to occupy the agenda during a whole stay in Nosy Be. For starters, it would be interesting to explore the hinterland first. Nosy Be contains a variety of remarkable sites, parks as well as nature reserves. A hike is essential but you can also opt for a motor vehicle rental, like a quad bike for example. Besides this, the sea is Nosy Be's favourite brand. So concerning aquatic activities, the island can satisfy you as much as you like. We can mention the dives, water skis or sea trips visiting the islets that surround Nosy Be.

Stay in luxury

With a high-class image in the world, Nosy Be offers you hotel residences out of the ordinary. One can mention, in this context, Le Grand Bleu. This hotel is a large complex of bungalows and health centres. Giving straight to the sea, stay in a luxury hotel that is the Big Blue in Nosy Be. This will be done with all the care of services to perfect your entire stay.

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