Rah-Ckiky : Exceptional concerts acoustic traditional and Live on the big blue of Nosy Be

Renowned composer, maker of tubes, Rah-Ckiky is well known in the middle of show business, a real machine to songs.

Musician, composer, singer, figure prominent crooner of Malagasy music Rah-Ckiky has created the surprise, l’évènement et le « buzz » Samedi 20 July 2019 : 2 concerts accompagnés de son orchestre traditionnel à l’hôtel-restaurant le Grand Bleu en « Live acoustique traditionnel ».

Rah-Ckiky a signé son grand « come-back » cette année en se produisant déjà sur les planches célèbres d’Antananarivo ou lors de soirées mondaines.

During this double concert, guests at the big blue has not remained indifferent to the melodies of the "vazo miteny.. Among the best hits to his repertoire of Rah-Ckiky, the public was delighted by the rhythms, the melodies, the tropical melodies of the "4th rod., "jamaika"., "Tady vy '... and many more.

You are thanked Mr Rah-Ckiky for this nice surprise at the big blue of Nosy Be and the atmosphere you have created in the establishment.

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