Airport-Hotel Shuttle

Practice airport/hotel shuttle

Travelling is a childhood dream in itself and holidays are the best times to make it happen. Among the most beautiful destinations in the world, one can quote Nosy Be Island. Bathing in the temperate seas of Madagascar, the island has enough to make the rest of the world forget. Nosy Be's Grand Bleu Hotel will make it easy to get around with its private shuttle.

Getting to the Big Blue
The Grand Blue Hotel is located a little at the northern tip of Nosy Be Island. There is a certain distance between the hotel and Hell-City, the city that houses the airport. That's, holidaymakers are wondering the best ways to reach The resort. Many are the proposed solutions. Furthermore, if you know people or have relationships in Madagascar, you can always count on. In addition to this, Car rental services are also available at Nosy Be. However, it's interesting to know that hotels in Nosy Be, including the Big Blue in particular, offer a variety of travel services. In this context, we can mention the hikes or outings organised by the hotel. Booking for the Big Blue, you will then be able to have access to these services, what's interesting.

The Airport-Hotel Shuttle
If you book the Big Blue at Nosy Be, you will be able to access the transport service between the airport and the hotel. Indeed, The Grand Bleu offers a quick transfer on site by means of a private shuttle. Booking a private shuttle saves a lot of time by avoiding return trips in search of taxis. Furthermore, The service is included directly in the offers of the Hotel Le Grand Bleu. This ensures the safety of your luggage while ensuring that the driver knows your destination which is the hotel.. In addition to this, your driver can already show you the parts of the island that will be on the road. For transfer bookings, The Grand Blue Hotel charges you 25 euros more for a ride. However, you'll be sure to carry all your luggage in one trip to the hotel.

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