holidays at the Big Blue

Why go on holiday to the Big Blue ?

Located in northern Madagascar, Nosy Be is an island whose fame resounds all over the world. Sun, gentle breeze from the sea, exceptional wildlife, Nosy Be is a dream destination to perfect your holiday. In this context, Treat yourself to all the best of the island by choosing accommodation in keeping with its beauty, Le Grand Bleu.

Exceptional framework
When the name of the island is mentioned, we immediately remember the fine white sands of its beaches. Nosy Be has a unique ecosystem. Whether it's on earth, in the air or under the sea, you'll only see this flora and fauna at Nosy Be. Le Grand Bleu offers you a stay in an idyllic setting close to the best on the island. Indeed, The Grand Blue Hotel is located in one of the best parts of the island, Andilana. There are long sandbanks on the beach with the turquoise and temperate waters of the sea. Furthermore, The hotel is sitting on a small piece of land, at a certain altitude. This allows you to enjoy a mild climate throughout the resort's space with generous sunshine and refreshing winds.. In addition to this, The Big Blue offers several types of accommodation, ranging from bungalows for solitaire to family villas.

Busy holidays
Le Grand Bleu is voted one of the best resorts in Madagascar. The framework alone is not enough to explain this ranking. Indeed, the Big Blue offers an exceptional community life. This is also the reason why the hotel is very much appreciated. Several activities are available on site to discover all the hidden treasure of Nosy Be. We can mention the hikes, excursions including an exclusive on Fanihy Island, Whale festivals, scuba diving... The fun environment within the hotel is not to be outdone with various activities and sports activities. On top of that, The hotel makes its guests available a restaurant which will prepare the typical malagasy gastronomy but also the best cuisines in the world.

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