diving in Nosy Be

Nosy Be : take the dive and stay in a boutique hotel

Discover the coastal island of Nosy Be in Mozambique Channel. This gem has lots of wealth, both on land that water. One wide range of activities offers itself to you as the Nosy Be diving. To fully enjoy your holiday, Nosy Be has many hotels. Make a stop at this wonderful place cut off from the world.

Nosy-Be in all its glory

Located off the northwest coast of Madagascar, Nosy Be is spread over an area of 321 km2. This 'big island' has an amazing biodiversity. With regard to the environment, You can meet many endemic species. Indeed, Nosy Be has beautiful nature reserves. For example, Lokobe. Rosewood, the camphor tree, the ylang-ylang, several species of Palm trees, the kapokier, the tamarind tree, the filaos welcome you. Although the lands of the island be populated world, tropical vegetation remains intact. There are parts of this little piece of paradise where nature takes its ease. By the way, What makes the charm of Nosy Be. When your snorkeling, You can contemplate this wild nature and appreciate every inch. In this splendid garden of Eden, life is good. Many activities are available such as hiking, the ballads, canoe or diving. Let's look at Nosy Be diving.

Enjoy a great baptism of diving to Nosy Be

In the turquoise waters of this small corner fell from the sky, you will meet so many things. Even the inscrutable creatures at the human eye. Under this blue expanse lies a rainbow sea. So enter in communion with the small inhabitants of the ocean. You will meet various species such as barracuda, it carangue, swordfish and many others still. Several such as Nosy Tanikely diving spots, the island of perfumes, Greg Wall (around the island of Radama), Atlantis Point or Mitsio will be recommended.

Hotel in Nosy-Be

If you wish to stay in Nosy Be, We offer the big blue hotel. This resort offers bungalows comfort. Its rooms are well equipped and are consistent with the safety standards. For hungry kids, The Turquoise restaurant offers its colorful flavors. To enhance your stay with us, an infinity pool is at your disposal.

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