hôtel d'exception à Nosy-Be

The big blue | an exception to Nosy Be hotel

Want to discover a new landscape and venture into a world covered in natural riches ? Nosy-Be is one of the holiday destinations that meet this expectation, but le choice of accommodation sometimes leaves us in perplexity. Le Grand Bleu Hotel, a two-star establishment, is perfect for a dream holiday.

Location of Hotel Le Grand Bleu

Located in the heart of a green nature, exposed to a view of the sea, Hotel overlooks traditional houses. It is ranked among the most prestigious hotels in Nosy Be where conviviality and serenity are the highlights. On Andilana beach, The Big Blue features 15 comfort bungalows with panoramic views of the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean and the island of Nosy Fanihy. Each bungalow has a shower with hot water, as well as a terrace with comfortable sunbeds and hammocks. The most remarkable is its superb swimming pool, which is on display at the lagoon of the bay. Next to this pool are two large terraces and a restaurant-bar. As far as accommodation rates are concerned, it's affordable.

The proposed activities

Several activities are possible such as excursions, water activities such as snorkelling or snorkelling, fishing and scuba diving. Riding and quad biking are also available for those who are passionate about it. Massage specialists are always available on the beach. Furthermore, being located not far from Fascene airport, The Big Blue makes a difference with its transport service. The guest can book an extra shuttle from the hotel to greet him as soon as he arrives.. The Big Blue also offers excursions to the small surrounding islands, namely the Sakatia Islands, Fanihya, Komba, Tanikely and Iranja, not to mention the outing to Mount Passot to watch the beautiful sunset. In addition to these hikes, adventure on the soil of Sambirano crossing the mangroves adorned with a cocoa plantation towards the city of Ambanja, Madagascar cocoa capital, lets live another adventure. The contact with the locals so smiling and welcoming provides a pleasant and soothing feeling. Short, the presence of various activities and means of distraction lets you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of total relaxation.

Restaurant and services

Typiquement malgache avec ses bungalows de construction traditionnelle, Le Grand Bleu est idéal pour ceux qui souhaitent profiter d’un dépaysement. Furthermore, notez que la réservation s’effectue actuellement en ligne. Des personnels sont disposés pour accompagner les clients dans leurs activités journalières. L’établissement invite à goûter les saveurs tropicales d’une cuisine inventive et traditionnelle. Tous les poissons et les fruits de mer proviennent de la pêche locale. On peut y déguster des camarons grillés et des crevettes à des prix attractifs.

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