ideal lodge the big blue hotel

The big blue : Hotel lodge ideal for lovers

You go to Madagascar as a couple. We recommend Nosy Be. This well known island of tourists from the four corners of the world is located in the North-West of the island continent. Once arrived on the scene, do you drive to the lodge the big blue hotel. Here, We welcome you worthy of lovers.

Book your bungalow online !

This is the most practical approach. Doing so, you will be sure to have your favorite bungalow. In fact, a wide choice of rooms waiting for you, but the bungalows are more authentic. They are fitted out in nature, safely. Everything you need is there. Comfort is the appointment. You will enjoy a private terrace of a hammock. If you decide to stay in half board at the big blue for 7 nights, not only you'll be amazed at the extra touches that staff servicing you will give, but it is most likely that you receive a discount of 25 %.

An eco-lodge which is full of quiet corners

The room, certainly, She is quiet. In addition, the discreet staff respects your privacy, but let's talk about the area of the eco-lodge. A beautiful private beach awaits you. Located below the pool, It takes place over a length of 800 metres. A quiet and shady path leads. You will walk a little for ten minutes at the most between the coconut palms and mango trees.
Want to sense of space ? The blue pool azur full to the brim is a must. Here also, the calm and serenity will be your unique companions. In the evening, take the time to SIP a cocktail in two contemplating the sunset that highlights the vastness of the ocean. You can take place anywhere where you want to, by the pool or on the terrace. The restaurant of the hotel, Turquoise, on the other hand, will not fail to amaze your taste buds with its specialities.

A little activity

You can go on a cruise, only you two, In addition to your guide and the captain, to visit the charming small surrounding islands. Enjoy it to dive or to make the jet ski if the heart tells you. In brief, you won't forget as soon as your pass to the big blue. There are what tell your children in the future, in order to return to it later, Who knows ?

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