Back to the Big Blue

Back to the Big Blue, Nosy Be

It's back to school.. Holidaymakers are increasingly rare. Finally, a new quiet atmosphere for the inveterate of the journey, relaxation assured in peace ! Even in the fall, The Grand Bleu is always available to welcome tourists who wish to find accommodation in Nosy Be. This boutique hotel knows how to meet the needs of its residents at all times.

A calm and peaceful atmosphere brought by the new year

With the departure of the many holidaymakers, l’ambiance au Grand Bleu est devenue moins animée. Les gérants de l’hôtel, Jacques and Celine, sont toujours ravis de proposer différentes activités à leurs pensionnaires. Le Grand Bleu met à disposition des professionnels pour une visite guidée aux îles alentours comme Nosy Sakatia et Nosy Iranja. D’habitude, lors des hautes saisons, ces îles sont animées, mais à la rentrée des classes, l’ambiance est des plus paisibles.

À votre retour, vous verrez les enfants auprès des champs d’ylang-ylang, dans les villages de l’île aux parfums, marvel at you when you see. To believe that in Nosy Be, it's not all the kids who go to school. Some still take the time to admire tourists and have fun on the beaten track.

September, as the good days come, this is the moment when whale sharks make their appearance. With all the calm that reigns around, you can watch these marine animals quietly, quieter than during the holidays.

The services offered by the Big Blue at the beginning of the school year

To the big blue, residents can still enjoy a full service. Rooms stay comfortable. The bungalows have their charm of the Malagasy furniture that is furnished there and especially their thatched roof. Residents can always relax on the private terrace with hammock. Following a tiring journey, you will be welcomed in the restaurant by a varied gastronomy, extremely tasty. Although the atmosphere is less lively than during the high seasons, guests can always enjoy good dishes concocted by their talented chef. They can taste the hotel's specialties, seafood-based specialties. Le Grand Bleu also offers childcare for toddlers who are not yet in school.

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