Hotels by the beach

Hotels near the beach in Nosy Be

A holiday of dreams ? the fragrant island of Madagascar can quite satisfy your desires. Nosy Be ranks among the most popular destinations in the world. In the spotlight, an idyllic landscape with remarkable wildlife. To complete the stay, nothing like a beach hotel in Nosy Be. Nosy Be Island

The island of Nosy Be is an incomparable tourist destination. It ranks like sites like Bora-Bora or, Santorini and the Maldives. Nosy Be is an island that bathes in the Mozambique Canal, northwest of Madagascar. The large island is already renowned for its remarkable flora and fauna, to 80% endemic. Nosy Be is no exception to this and even offers a plus with unequivocal aquatic fauna. Nosy Be has a special climate, sometimes sweet, sometimes sunny. The scent of the island comes from a typical flower, much appreciated by perfume brands, Ylang-Ylang. Nosy Be enjoys sunshine on 345 days per year. With a turquoise blue sea, corals gushing into the depths, the island is a paradise for divers and surfers.

The island is a condensing of pleasures with nestled caves teeming with lagoons, palm trees as far as the eye can see, sandy beaches. Very unusual animals are found on the island in the great whale shark or even, dolphins. The latter give breathtaking acrobatics shows over the sea.

Nosy Be also attracts with its mouth-watering gastronomy. Nosy Be is also an island of Saveur. In the spotlight on the island, seafood-based cuisine found on most restaurants and hotels on the island.

Hotels by the beach

Nosy Be comes down to one word, the sea. Paradise, Attractive, captivating, the island's sea ranks among the world's destination. It is interesting to take advantage of this framework a separate residence, worthy of the island. There are hotels near the beach that overlook the sea. These hotels offer services that are part of a tourist trip. In this context, we can mention the circuits, hikes or even, scuba diving. Among these residences, we can mention the Big Blue which is a luxury hotel in Nosy Be. The hotel is close to the most remarkable places on the island. With this, The hotel has several bungalows with faces on the sea. The pool that sits just above the Mozambique Canal will enchant you with the gentle sun of the island. As indicated by his name, the Great Blue refers to the blue sea that surrounds Nosy Be. This promises a dream holiday for your next holiday.

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