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Hotel of charm in Nosy Be

A boutique hotel is characterised by its authenticity. It is often said that the notion of charm evolves over time, but for a hotel, Authenticity must always be preserved. A boutique hotel can then be distinguished by a beautiful architecture. The façade made of old stones, the characteristic roof of the region and in direct contact with nature... Such properties can make a hotel a boutique hotel.

A boutique hotel in Madagascar

The definition also depends on the country. In Madagascar, a boutique hotel can be characterized simply by its comfort. Indeed, in this country, Travellers are primarily concerned about the comfort of accommodation. In summary :

In short, it can be said that the country's materials, The complete equipment that guarantees this comfort and the colours brought up to date will be preferred in boutique hotels in Madagascar, in particular in Nosy-Be.

For seaside bungalows, The environment matters. A splendid view of the sea allows you to fully enjoy the beach without having to endure the great seaside sun. With the light breeze and surrounding vegetation, it is possible to enjoy natural ventilation for perfect comfort (even outdoors) and so, an unforgettable stay. Furthermore, the Malagasy furniture that make up the bungalows reveals the classic charm of the place. Wooden ones confirm the authenticity of thatched roofs made from local materials. All this brings an incredible charm to hotels like Le Grand Bleu.

A concrete example : the ecolodge Le Grand Bleu

The big blue perfectly meets the above criteria. Nestled on the Andilana peninsula in Nosy-Be, The property is a family hotel par excellence. Authentic, friendly and warm, this charming ecolodge is rated two stars. Located high up, it allows you to enjoy a little cool wind to get less warm. To satisfy its residents, Le Grand Bleu offers many activities, excursions around the island. Indeed, many islets are nearby, to mention only the Sakatia Islands, Komba, Tanikely, Fanihy and Iranja. Thanks to the provision of professional guides, it is possible to enjoy a pleasant stay at this boutique hotel in Nosy Be.

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