Two terraces for the Maxi Family Suite 4 rooms with sea views

Le Grand Bleu created the first terrace of this stone-cut suite. This terrace has a 180-degree view of the sea. From the Andilana peninsula, it's a view overlooking the whole of Befotaka Bay.

The bay measures 18 kilometres of circumference, splendour and certainly one of the most beautiful bays in the Indian Ocean.

In the form of a gift from nature, this Family Maxi Suite called "The Little Blue" also provides exceptional views of the Befotaka coconut grove, Ratsy Islet and Atsoa Volcano. Yes, you don't dream : the sea and a volcano ! At the same time...

Le Grand Bleu also built a second terrace with views of the sea and garden. Thus, one of the 4 rooms enjoys its exclusive private terrace.

Always respectful of the environment, this new terrace fits perfectly into nature.

Just like other achievements, natural and ecological products have been used. These are much less harmful just like lime, natural white paints and a natural earth color dye for the pavement of the terrace, also stones extracted from a nearby quarry.

For even more comfort, this new terrace has also been enlarged. "The Little Blue" benefits from 4 rooms, 110 m2 to receive up to 10 people.

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