Arrangement and new INTERIEURE decoration of the bungalows of the Big Blue 2020

Bonjour Céline, You are the head of the Big Blue, so what are you doing during this quiet period related to COVID-19 ?

Céline : Our days are busy. On the one hand, we have drawn up a charter for the health and safety of our customers and employees for the takeover, we do school for staff children and on the other hand, we create new layout and decoration in bungalows.

This means that you have several trades ?

Céline : Exactly. I was a teacher for the children of 3 to 13 years in a family maxi bungalow, the sea view, can accommodate up to 10 people. Schools have been reopened for a week so I stopped this job. I am currently interior decorator of bungalows.

How did you start this job as an interior decorator.

Céline : Very simply by imagining and using the natural products of our environment.
For example, we made a bamboo ladder with our technical team as a towel holder..

How will you proceed for all the bungalows ?

Céline : Today, we made a first witness bungalow. We have already received encouragement. We will continue in this type of design and colors, with different features for each bungalow. Thus, the interior decoration of the "Swordfish" bungalow will be separate from the "Langouste" bungalow.

Do you have a particular theme about decoration ?

Céline : The majority of the bungalows have sea views and for the outside a duo of colors "white and blue". With this maritime aspect, we created an interior of light and elegant shades allowing a simple and unusual atmosphere.

What's your goal ?

Céline : We have fun with the team to imagine, to design and realize. This time spent together, in these difficult times for humanity, is already a goal. We are even happier when we contemplate the result. Yes, it's a real pleasure to imagine these beautiful decorations. I'll let you discover the pictures of the first witness bungalow.

Nosy Be officially reopens on October 1 2020 with already 3 weekly flights with Ethiopian Airlines.

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