A new entrance to the Restaurant du Grand Bleu

Le Grand Bleu has taken advantage of this "priority waiting period", if we can say, to complete new products to the delight of its customers.

Thus, a new entry to the Restaurant "Le Turquoise" has just been born.

This monumental building, nearly 8 metres rises above the property.

Indeed, the "top" of the building dominates the sea and culminates in 43 metres above the Indian Ocean.

This new achievement highlights the different views of the bays.

These embrace the point of Andilana to the west, Befotaka Bay to the tip of Perfume Island, also on the south side, the bay on Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Ratsy. A breathtaking view !

Now, access to Nosy Be's Restaurant du Grand Bleu takes place under this new monument in the shape of a majestic and masterful trigon.

A great achievement for Nosy Be where a lot of work is done by hand, one could almost call it grandiose.

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Charming ecolodge🏡
180panoramic view🌅
Next to Andilana the most beautiful beach in Nosy Be⛱️
Love from the team💗

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