NEW: POLYNESIAN OVEN WITH THE BIG BLUE Better than in unknown lands!

On Reservation, Sunday
Le Grand Bleu offers a festive meal at the Polynesian Oven
After the excursion to the Lokobé Nature Reserve

The BIG BLUE is pleased to offer you a new and amazing experience! With the help of Daniel and his wife,
After walking through the primary forest of LOKOBE, an extraordinary lunch is offered, in a magical place, between beach and mangrove!
You will be able to discover the very tasty stewing of the traditional Polynesian oven: wild boar leg, massalé goat and zebu fillet can be offered to you accompanied by rice and vegetables.

To make this Polynesian oven, Daniel digs a hole in the mangrove sand, with a diameter of 1.50 meters by 70 cm deep.
In the night, he makes a large fire in this hole and places stones so that they are reddened and burning. These are covered with a carpet of green banana leaves on which food is placed that is covered with new banana leaves and a braided sheet of banana leaves, a sheet metal and sand.

For your greatest pleasure, we will take you to this unique place by outrigger canoe. The formula is all inclusive: aperitif, salad as a starter, the FAMOUS DISHES COOKED IN L'ETOUFFEE and dessert.

The happy guests are the customers staying at the Big Blue. The exquisite feeling of being on a "motu" in the middle of a mangrove off the South Pacific that would have moved into the Indian Ocean...!

A peaceful Sunday under the coconut trees.

You are in the middle of NOWHERE AT THE END OF THE WORLD

We thank Adeline and Isa for their beautiful photos.

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