Rent the Villa at Le Grand Bleu Hotel in Nosy Be

Nosy Be will never stop marvelling at her visitors. Turquoise blue, sunshine all year round, gastronomy without equal, Short, the island has everything to give an unforgettable holiday. Family, consider booking unrestricted accommodation, a villa at the Grand Bleu in Nosy Be.

The benefits of a villa
Going on holiday is one thing but often, the concern is place on the accommodation. Solo or two, it's pretty easy to find a home. However, when you decide to travel with your family, the question is quite different. Indeed, holidaymakers often want them to go under one roof. That said, you need a residence with spacious rooms and exceptional comfort. All this makes the villa the ideal family accommodation. A villa with the Big Blue in Nosy Be is big enough to accommodate several people. Furthermore, renting a villa allows you to enjoy a whole house for your family on your own. It also avoids seeing a lot of people in your space, what's consistent with the idea of a family holiday.

The villa of the Grand Bleu Hotel in Nosy Be
The Villa du Grand Bleu in Nosy Be is a large residence that can accommodate up to 10 people. In this context, so she can receive a big family. Furthermore, it gives an uninterrupted view of the sea as it is well up in height. The rooms are mostly ocean-oriented. All the luxury you would expect from your home is available in the villa. Indeed, it has a mini bar, four bedrooms all ventilated, two private terraces as well as a dining area on the terrace. The rental of the villa also gives you access to all the activities in the hotel complex. It's interesting to know that you can order your favourite dishes in the hotel restaurant. For the fare, you will be able to enjoy all the comforts of the Villa du Grand Bleu in Nosy Be from only 135 Euros per night.

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