"Great Blue" Personnel Day 2 March 2020

Departure to 9 H 30, the whole team of the Big Blue is ready a new surprise destination !

This is the 7th staff outing.. The previous one was in June 2019 nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely ! Strong moment at the Big Blue.
The whole team embarks on the catamaran equipped with 2 Engines. At that time, we still don't know the destination.

The "Miss Big Blue"

We had an appointment at the Charm Hotel : Danae Beach to Nosy Sakatia, at Alberto.

The team of the Grand Bleu discovered a new little paradise that can be seen from the Hotel du Grand Bleu. We thank Alberto for this moment of pure happiness ! This beautiful day as we all love them will remain in our minds, in our memories... and our hearts !

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