The staff of the big blue day

Every year, The big blue of Nosy Be organized a special day to honor of his staff, or rather to celebrate the friendly collaboration between Jacques, Céline and the entire staff of the ecolodge. It's a tradition, In fact. This feast day is shared in a friendly atmosphere. It aims to strengthen the links between the management and the staff. Every moment is engraved in the hearts. On this occasion, We reward the efforts of each worker. This year, the photography took place everywhere, and even on the water, in a boat, on a turquoise sea background. Decidedly, You can enjoy the beauty of the marine environment. The proximity to nature is palpable. She is always beneficial, drawing a child good smile reflecting the serenity and joy to live at each of the participants. It seems that even the endemic animals of the perfume Island participate in the festivities.

Remember that the big blue contributes to the improvement of the daily close of 250 inhabitants of Andilana and peripheries. Celine and Jacques thanks for your humanity and your recognition !

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