A morning at the village school

With the help of the teacher: about twenty children from 3 to 5 years old

You will spend a morning in a class of about twenty children from 3 to 5 years old. You will help the teacher for the awakening of the little ones and their instruction. These are the first steps towards success, knowledge, understanding...

You can bring textbooks, books and school supplies: ballpoint pens, pencils, notebooks ... that you will distribute during your morning in the school.

It is a morning of emotion, of awareness without taboos that solidarity is active. You will be on the reasonable scale of a class in direct contact with children. There, no long theoretical speeches, just practice... with the pleasure of bringing something from you. « Solidarity cannot be sold, it has no price! Beautiful emotions are like giving to receive "says Jacques, the Director of the Big Blue, who also regularly receives parents in the process of adopting children with their reception, because the family establishment is also referenced with private and public organizations in Madagascar.

There are several schools on the Andilana peninsula which has 4,500 people with private and public schools. Le Grand Bleu is also carrying out repair and maintenance work on the wall of the Andilana public school so that schoolchildren are always safe. The school has nearly 600 students and as " We cannot push the walls ", classes are held in the morning for half of the school children and the other half in the afternoon.

Price per participant Conditions
15€ minimum 2 people
maximum 8 people
Classes from 9 am to 11 am with the teacher, children from 3 years old

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