Duration: 1/2 day. After the briefing, We leave the Grand Bleu to penetrate the forests by tracks, You swoop in quad of the slopes to discover one of the sacred Lakes. These are populated by crocodiles, with banks covered with abundant vegetation.
During an explanatory stop, We visit one of the many villages populated children and women where you can restore objects that you may report (toothpaste, SOAP, toothbrush, Tee shorts, clothing of any kind, Perfume samples, makeup, etc…).
You will also cross a rare teak-wood forest discovering from many points of view on volcanic and sacred lakes which are scattered around the mount.
Finally, the discovery of "unavoidable Mont Passot: the central highlight of Nosy-Be. At its Summit, you will discover a 360 ° view of the island of Nosy-Be. Mont Passot is also known as the Malagasy Bongo Pisa.


Duration: a day. After the briefing, We start by tracks to discover the rice, the lagoons across whole island.

Then, We will take you at the edge of the Bay of Bekotaka or Ambatozavavy where you can also visit fishing villages. Then, We accéderons to the lush slopes of Mont Passot. This hike is very attractive because it combines the blue of the sea and the greenery of the centre of the island while observing the flora of Nosy-Be. You will have lunch lunch in a 'surprise site '. !

Not miss under any pretext for lovers of quad ! Don't forget your cameras ! Reminder : It's the ride, the race no. Better to have 20 minutes late in this world that 20 years ahead of the other...