Guided hiking discovery and pictures in the nature of Nosy Be

Duration: one day with the village guide. Visit of the Atsoa Volcano, the plain of zebus, Lake Andjavibe, Malagasy meal in a local village, visit of a rice field ...
Nosy Be is an island of natural wonders, with varied landscapes and a welcoming population. Leaving the Big Blue with your guide, you will go around the crater of the volcano to admire the sumptuous landscapes on Nosy Sakatia, Befotaka Bay, the Andilana peninsula,... You will cross the plains to zebu to reach Lake Andjavibe by tracks in the middle of a beautiful untouched and preserved nature. You will walk along the banks of the sacred volcanic lake exceptional for its biodiversity, a refreshing site in the shade of large trees and covered with abundant vegetation in which it is possible to observe a multitude of birds, perhaps even discover a crocodile, Nile crocodile type. You will discover the sacred mango tree where the village chief specifies that he is " fady to swim and take the canoe in the Lake ", fady means " forbidden ».

You will take the "path of the lake" with its lush landscapes, these shades of light green and "fluorescent" between ylang-ylang plantations, banana trees, travelers' trees, medicinal plants ... The discovery of an endemic fauna and flora unique in the world... On your steps you cross the stream used by women to wash clothes before reaching the village for lunch. After your meal, you will catch a glimpse of the rice field. In Nosy Be, the rice harvest is carried out over 3 months, the land is fallow for one month. The carnations of the rice field are ploughed with a dozen zebu, then replanted; Thus, there are 3 rice harvests per year. You will reach the Grand Bleu as much as possible by the slopes in the early afternoon to relax. This hike allows a beautiful immersion in village life, the children will tell you "vazaha", the sakalava women, modest, will give you a wave ... Depending on the season, the hike can be done in another direction. Total distance A / R : 9 kms – Level of difficulty : Easy – Cumulative altitude difference less than 300 m, accessible to all.
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32€ minimum 4 people maximum 25 people From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Malagasy lunch included

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