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Take advantage of the massage parlor during your stay at the big blue !

During your stay at the big blue to Nosy Be, Get pampered at the hotel massage salon. You will enjoy moments of relaxation and well-being. It is also a part of pleasure, as to the Zen space, the hotel massage Center, you have the choice between two types of landscape during a session : or you do you massage facing the sea, or you do you massage admiring the Galaxy with its stars in the evening. There is what forget the hassles of daily life while taking care of his body and health.

Relaxing massages during your holiday

Working, you are stressed, tired. We start having aches and backaches produced by fatigue. Our body has yet need to rest to rejuvenate and be healthy. If you come for your holiday at the hotel Le Grand Bleu, You can enjoy two or four hands massage sessions. Indeed you will be massaged by two professionals of the Malagasy massage using products and oils, natural for your well-being. Moments of relaxation and pleasure provided. Furthermore, You can also take courses in massage at affordable rates.

Your well-being at Zen space of the hotel the big blue

Apart from massage, You can also enjoy many other benefits to Zen space of the big blue hotel. For example, you can have fun to change your look and make you handsome or beautiful by adopting a new haircut, or by making a brushing or braids, services performed by the professional hairdresser to the hotel. Some aesthetic care, manicure and pedicure, wouldn't have too much to have a body and gorgeous and perfect nails. Finally, to relax after your massage, You can go to the spa of the hotel. However, It is important to note that only customers who are massaging or who take care in the Zen space Spa. If you come to the spa with your children, It is your responsibility to monitor.

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