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Enjoy the idyllic surroundings of one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Lush, Crystal clear beaches, the scent of the Ylang Ylang that wonderfully tickles the nostrils, We can it feel in paradise on the beautiful island of Nosy Be. Better yet, be sure to spend the unforgettable moments while staying at the hotel ** The big blue.

Nosy Be, destination Madagascar lighthouse
Did you know that Nosy Be welcomes around 30% international tourists travelling to Madagascar ? The perfume island is the jewel of the island that reflects its exoticism and charm. Many landmarks have, the island is no shortage of activities to complete perfectly a romantic getaway, a family trip or a trip with friends.

During your stay on the island, do not miss to visit the seabed preserved island, as the Nosy Tanikely Marine National Park for example. Also make a detour to the natural of Lokobe reserve where you will bring joy for sure by the beauty of the primary forests of the site.

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Although the perfume island is home to a multitude of star hotels, bungalows, Inns or lodges, opt for the best to get comfort.

Among the good addresses to remember offers accommodation combining quality and price, Note in your book the ecolodge Le Grand Bleu.

Offering more than the luxury and comfort, the Hotel Le Grand Bleu welcomes you in paradise with the best services in order to make you spend an unforgettable vacation.

Choosing the hotel the great blue, holidaymakers looking for relaxation will find a piece of paradise. Very comfortable bungalows, spacious enough and very equipped are made available to them for very affordable rates.

A detour to the restaurant "The Turquoise" will also be a great opportunity to taste the tasty tropical dishes cooked by a master chef of great renown, Chief Martin.

25% reduction for a stay of 7 nights in halfboard
What sets apart the more hotel, It is his concern for the customer, always at your service, the brand aims to offer cheap vacations and watch over your budget.

For a little taste, Note that at this time, The big blue hotel makes you enjoy a more exceptional offer. Either a generous discount 25% to enjoy for a stay of 7 nights in halfboard, past to the Hotel.

Spend the most vacation of your dreams at the Hotel Le Grand Bleu regardless of your budget by now booking.

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