August's recipe

By rivo  /  01/08/2020
Nosy Be's Big Blue Grilled Carangue (More…)
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Recipe of the Month

July's recipe

By rivo  /  14/07/2020
Exotic fresh salad with Nosy Be avocado and grapefruit (More…)
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luxury hotel in Nosy Be

Stay in a luxury hotel in Nosy Be

By rivo  /  06/07/2020
Guerlain, Channel, these words immediately make the definition of luxury breathe. There is, however, another aspect
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Nosy Be Hotels

Nosy Be Hotels, Hotel and Spa

By rivo  /  29/06/2020
Among the most popular destinations in the world, we can mention the vanilla islands of the Indian Ocean. A
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Hotels by the beach

Hotels near the beach in Nosy Be

By rivo  /  22/06/2020
A holiday of dreams ? the fragrant island of Madagascar can quite satisfy your desires. Nosy Be ranks among
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The Big Blue against COVID-19

Nosy Be's Big Blue commits to dealing with COVID-19 Virus Protect Us, Let's protect others

By GB  /  17/06/2020
Dear Customers of the Big Blue, At a time of uncertainty and difficulty, we hope you and your loved ones wear
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The Big Blue Deals

The big blue : book now and enjoy the specials!

By rivo  /  09/06/2020
Getting out of the daily routine, there's nothing more soothing than a little break. It
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June's recipe 2020

By phill  /  02/06/2020
Nosy Be Octopus Accras with its Coconut Milk Rougaille Sauce (More…)
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The big blue

Le Grand Bleu - Céline and Jacques welcome you in a friendly way

By rivo  /  11/05/2020
You want to discover the best facets of the big island ? Drop your bags under the big blue Sun
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value for money hotel

The big blue of Nosy Be, the best value hotel

By rivo  /  06/05/2020
Le Grand Bleu is a reference hotel for visitors to the islands of northwestern Madagascar. Its location, his
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The recipe for the Month of May 2020

By phill  /  01/05/2020
Big Blue swordfish carpaccio plate with pink nosy Be berries (More…)
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half-board at the Grand Bleu

Half-board stay at The Big Blue

By rivo  /  27/04/2020
Charming Starred Hotel a short walk from the beautiful Andilana Bay, The Big Blue pushes comfort and change of scenery
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The Turquoise restaurant

The lobster, a must from the restaurant Le Turquoise au Grand Bleu

By rivo  /  21/04/2020
You may want to breathe a good breath of iodized air and please your taste buds with
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During the period of COVID-19, the "Le Grand Bleu" hotel in Nosy Be has been converted into a village for its employees and their families and children.

By phill  /  07/04/2020
Nestled in its tropical garden, Usually, it is the visitors who find discretion and tranquillity in the beautiful unspoiled nature of the
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April's recipe 2020

By rivo  /  02/04/2020
Big Blue lemongrass chicken with coconut milk (More…)
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book at the Big Blue

Why book at the Big Blue ?

By haja  /  23/03/2020
More than 450 000 visitors visit Nosy-Be every year. The island remains Madagascar's top tourist destination. This
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Restaurant Le Turquoise du Grand Bleu – breakfasts offered

By haja  /  23/03/2020
Ideally nestled in a corner of paradise, near the beach, Le Grand Bleu opens the doors to a stay
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The big blue Nosy Be – a good gift out of the ordinary !

By haja  /  18/03/2020
Treat yourself to a moment of escape and pleasure that you won't soon forget in an oasis of
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