The big blue

The big blue, one hotel like no other

By rivo  /  08/08/2019
Leave to the discovery of Madagascar and its iconic treasures ? Why not trust the big blue ?
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The big blue

The big blue where Céline and Jacques welcome you with great ease of use

By haja  /  30/07/2019
You want to discover the best facets of the Nosy Be archipelago ? Drop your bags under the big blue Sun
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Rah-Ckiky : Exceptional concerts acoustic traditional and Live on the big blue of Nosy Be

By phill  /  22/07/2019
Renowned composer, maker of tubes, Rah-Ckiky is well known in the middle of show business, a real machine to songs. Musician,
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CONCERT UNIQUE Nully Ratomosoa and his Group on Saturday 20 July to the big blue

By rivo  /  19/07/2019
The 1st Concert : from 19: 00 to 20 H 2ème Concert de 21H à 22H. A guichets fermés Exclusivement pour les convives
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Dream vacation

The big blue dream holiday

By rivo  /  15/07/2019
Also known as the island of perfumes, Nosy Be is a nice tourist place located in the extreme north of Madagascar. Surrounded by
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The big blue promo

The big blue – Promo of 15 % on l ’ accommodation

By rivo  /  08/07/2019
This good news will certainly delight holidaymakers and visitors to Nosy Be : The promotion of 15 %
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new leisure to the big blue

A new hobby to the big blue

By rivo  /  28/06/2019
To celebrate Madagascar in its representation to the African Cup 2019, The GRAND BLEU has opened a new service for
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The staff of the big blue day

By phill  /  18/06/2019
Every year, The big blue of Nosy Be organized a special day to honor of his staff, or rather
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ideal lodge the big blue hotel

The big blue : Hotel lodge ideal for lovers

By rivo  /  06/06/2019
You go to Madagascar as a couple. We recommend Nosy Be. This well known island of tourists from the four
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Nosy Be Trail 2019

The big blue and Nosy Be Trail 2019

By rivo  /  04/06/2019
Again, the ecolodge Le Grand Bleu invites you to another great event, also festive than all others already
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L ’ big blue to Nosy be Hotel won the certificate of ’ excellence tripadvisor 2019.

By phill  /  29/05/2019
Celine and Jacques announce today obtaining of the certificate of excellence TripAdvisor®. since now 9 years, This award honors schools
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diving in Nosy Be

Nosy Be : take the dive and stay in a boutique hotel

By rivo  /  20/05/2019
Discover the coastal island of Nosy Be in Mozambique Channel. This gem has lots of wealth, both on land
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20anniversary e of the big blue hotel : Beauty to go

By phill  /  16/05/2019
The beauty of today, She is represented by Valérie Anne Binguira. This young girl from the province of Anjirofo who comes
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family villa in Nosy-Be

Sleep in a family villa in Nosy-Be

By rivo  /  09/04/2019
Nosy Be, majestic island of Madagascar, give tourists a reason to visit. With its evening parties,
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diving in Nosy-Be

Diving in Nosy-Be

By rivo  /  08/04/2019
If there is something that Nosy Be must be proud, It is surely its coasts of unparalleled beauty that
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A unique Experience to live in the big blue

By rivo  /  02/04/2019
UNE EXPERIENCE UNIQUE A VIVRE AU GRAND BLEU Une Randonnée pédestre avec un guide « Découverte et Photos dans la nature
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The big blue continues to innovate with amazing accomplishments

By rivo  /  11/03/2019
The hotel realizes new designs and architectures aesthetic and durable while still emphasizing security for children and
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Nosy Be Jazz Festival 2019

Nosy Be Jazz Festival 2019 : BANK FARM

By rivo  /  04/03/2019
Big Blue announces that the Nosy Be Jazz Festival event 2019 is already full for the residents at the hotel
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