10th edition of the NOSY BE TRAIL

By GB  /  06/12/2022
With Randomada, Le GRAND BLEU ORGANISE L EPREUVE DU NOSY BE TRAIL SAMEDI 10 December 2022 Like every year, You can still
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The cibi has moved to the Big Blue for 12 days

By GB  /  29/11/2022
Günter's group has just taken possession of the maxi family bungalow type villa of 4 rooms with a view
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Novelty : POLYNESIAN OVEN WITH THE BIG BLUE Better than in unknown lands !

By GB  /  14/11/2022
On reservation, le Dimanche Le Grand Bleu propose un Repas festif au Four Polynésien Après l'excursion de la Réserve Naturelle de Lokobé Le
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LE GRAND BLEU continues to innovate with its new hot stone massages

By GB  /  11/11/2022
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The famous festive evenings of the Big Blue The Big Blue prepares the New Year's Eve evenings

By GB  /  03/11/2022
The Big Blue regularly organizes beautiful festive evenings. This, to the delight of guests and guests during the
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The Concert of the Trio David Sauzay at the Big Blue of Nosy Be – October 2022

By GB  /  24/10/2022
The Trio David Sauzay was in concert at the Grand Bleu of Nosy Be in 2022 : Sunday 9 October. Because of
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Festival International Madajazzcar | Concert of DAVID SAUZAY TRIO

By GB  /  28/09/2022
Dans le cadre du « Festival International Madajazzcar » Le Grand BLEU a le plaisir d’annoncer le Concert de DAVID SAUZAY TRIO Jazz,
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Tunisian Danouni bricks at the Big Blue of Nosy Be

By GB  /  25/07/2022
Ingredients : 2 medium potatoes or 1 great, 200 grams of minced meat, 350 grams of flour,100 gr of parsley
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Tunisian couscous with chicken and vegetables at the Grand Bleu de Nosy Be

By GB  /  22/07/2022
Ingredients : for 8 people 1 kg of couscous fine semolina, 8 small chicken thighs, 1 small box of peas
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The Royal Paella of the Big Blue | To discover

By GB  /  03/06/2022
THE SIMPLE RECIPE & GOURMANDE DU RESTAURANT « Le Turquoise » Paëlla Royale du Grand Bleu de Nosy Be Le Chef de cuisine
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Recipe of the month : Fish gratin / béchamel sauce

By GB  /  31/05/2022
A very simple fish gratin and quite quick to prepare. Ingredients: 2 fish fillets (Haddock for me) 250 g
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Cocktail of the islands with white rum Dzama

By GB  /  11/05/2022
An exotic cocktail recipe that is very simple to make and that always pleases enormously. INGREDIENTS : For 5 people 1 L
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Recipe of the month : poultry stuffing for the holidays

By GB  /  19/04/2022
Ingredients : 150 grams of ground pork, 150 grams of chopped veal, 1 medium onion, 3 garlic cloves, a slice of
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Mandarin jam and its remaining zest of the Big Blue of Nosy Be

By GB  /  06/04/2022
Ingredients : 1 kilo of mandarin for 700 g sugar, a lime. We use agar agar which is a gelling agent
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Shellfish over a wood fire sweet coconut milk sauce from Nosy Be

By GB  /  10/03/2022

For 4 People

1 kg of shellfish, in this case shellfish, 70 g of butter, 1 large chopped onion,
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Velouté soufflé with shrimp and black mushrooms flavored with coconut milk

By GB  /  24/02/2022

For 4 People

Ingredients : 200 g shelled shrimp, 100 g of dehydrated black mushrooms sold in
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Fish burger revisited by the Big Blue

By GB  /  07/02/2022
This fish burger from Nosy-Be. It is part of the street-food and is also available in ham, eggs,
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Sustainable Travel Establishment in Nosy-Be via Booking

By GB  /  31/01/2022
Travel is essential. New experiences and interactions bring us closer together and break down barriers. But they can cost
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