Learning of the Malagasy massage training

Duration: 4 sessions (per course of 1 H 30) by one of the professional masseuses of the Big Blue.

The classes are given at Zen eSPAce du Grand Bleu which invites you to discover the techniques of relaxing massages to transport you into a world of calm and voluptuousness.

To understand the specific Malagasy massage techniques, 4 sessions of 1 H 30 are required. This à la carte training allows you to understand the different ways of massaging. Our masseuse will show you and teach you the different gestures that make up the different types of massages.

The oils used are coconut oil, homemade, toning oil with essential essences of Mada. : ginger, lemongrass and vetiver, Relax oil with essential essences of Mada., katrafay, ginger and rosemary, regenerating Ravinstsara oil from Madagascar: Baobab, jojoba and calophyllum, the toning oil with essential essences of Madagascar: ginger, lemongrass and vetiver.

The syllabus is the direct practice in the spirit of traditional massage recognized for its effects, without theory.

At the end of the training, you will not be a professional masseuse or masseur, these courses allow you to understand the techniques to acquire them.

At Zen eSPAce, according to your request, we will lend you a bathrobe. A shower, sink and toilet are at your disposal. And of course, the SPA is offered to you.

At the end of the training courses to learn Malagasy massage, a bottle of coconut oil of 150 ml is offered.

Price per participant Conditions
140€ maximum 2 people Per session of 1H30 from 9H45 to 11H15 and includes 4 sessions.
The 150 ml bottle of coconut oil is offered at the end of the training

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