Making coconut oil Virgin House 100% organic homemade

With the assistance of the expert in the village of Menapingo

To the big blue, his Setup is prepared artisanal and natural.

Made coconut oil contains riches for many ubiquitous uses in Malagasy life. This run to the big blue guarantees a biological quality to reap all the benefits.

Our employee expert explains the preparation of healthy coconut oil, the grating of the flesh of the coconut. You will use these tools, cuirez the resulting nutrient, You conditionnerez for its conservation.

To the big blue, the resulting coconut oil 100% bio is tempered in the Sun for a dream massage of 45 minutes to the ZEN space in front of the sea in one of 2 massage rooms.

Coconut oil has unsuspected virtues. It allows a scrub with a drop of essential oil for the body in the shower, pre-Shampoo Conditioner for hair treatment, a cleanser that dissolves the mascara in a moment and leaves the skin moisturized and clean around the eyes, also an after-shave cream that calms inflammation by providing instant relief, also cancels the action of the mokafous, sand fleas.

It is also an oil cooling, who brings great relief to skin irritated by a burn and another remedy against sunburn. The oil has a hint of Sun protection that stops the UV 30%.

Our expert will also show you how you can wax your wood furniture finishing Polish with copra from coconut half, Polish your shoes with a cloth dry.

At the end of the course of the realization of coconut oil, a bottle of 150 ML is offered.

Price per participant Conditions
20€ minimum 4 people
maximum 12 people
Courses 9 H to 11 H, coconut oil of 150 ML is available

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