Making homemade virgin coconut oil 100% organic homemade

With the assistance of the expert in the village of Menapingo

At Le Grand Bleu, its preparation is carried out in an artisanal and natural way.

The coconut oil thus made contains riches for many ubiquitous uses in Malagasy life. This execution at the Big Blue guarantees an organic quality to reap all the benefits.

Our salaried specialist explains the preparation of healthy coconut oil, the grating of the flesh of the nut. You will use these tools, cook the nutrient obtained, you will condition for its preservation.

At Le Grand Bleu, the coconut oil thus obtained 100% organic is warmed in the sun for a dream massage of 45 minutes at ZEN eSPAce in front of the sea in one of the 2 massage rooms.

Coconut oil has unsuspected virtues. It allows a scrub with a drop of essential oil for the body in the shower, a revitalizing pre-shampoo treatment for the hair, a makeup remover around the eyes that dissolves the mascara in an instant and leaves the skin hydrated and clean, also an aftershave cream that calms inflammation by providing instant relief, also cancels the action of mokafous, sand fleas.

It is also a cooling oil, which brings great relief to skin irritated by a burn and another remedy for sunburn. The oil has a sun protection factor that stops ultraviolet rays by 30%.

Our specialist will also show you how you can wax your wooden furniture by finishing the waxing with the copra of half a coconut, polish your shoes with a dry cloth.

At the end of the course of the realization of coconut oil, a bottle of 150 ml is offered.

Price per participant Conditions
20€ minimum 4 people
maximum 12 people
Classes from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., the 150 ml bottle of coconut oil is offered

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